When you add hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of new objects to your collection there will always be plenty of work. APS gives you a helping hand and does part of this work by itself. One of the strengths of APS is the ability to automate recurring tasks. This way the software saves you an enormous amount of time and also frees your staff from some rather repetitive tasks, which are inevitable when working with large amounts of data.

In APS we call this feature „Job Engine“. The APS Job Engine will automatically process the data according to your requirements. Automatable tasks include for example analysis, augmentation, transformation, indexing and sorting of data. Additionally, APS is able to produce data in derivative formats (e.g. LIDO, Museumdat, METS/MODS or Dublin Core) and edit digital attachments, for example changing image formats or read out/generate meta data (Exif, IPTC). Even tasks such as database maintenance and harvesting can run automatically.