Every collection and every museum is unique. To do this fact justice, we treat every APS application as an independent project.

If you chose APS, your project plan will typically look like this:

Together we will talk about your specific requirements with regard to APS, how your collection is structured and what goals you are pursuing with APS. We configure APS individually for each customer. But the software itself is standardized. This is a great advantage over any application that has to be programmed to suit a specific customer’s needs.

We will then start to develop a solution. We will create definitions for documents and indices and look for the best way to import existing data into the new system. For data that needs to be entered from scratch, we will create workflows and find a smart way to automate the data processing. If you want to make your collection available over the internet, we will look after the development of a web presentation, often in cooperation with an external web designer and of course in agreement with you. The same holds true for any other publishing media (reports, complex prints, apps).

Once we reach the Go-Live, your projects leaves the development stage and enters into maintenance. It basically means that we will continue to look after your APS application, for example by installing updates and checking the system’s integrity. This approach has been successful for a long time. We are proud to be working together with our customers over many years.

Are you ready to test APS?

If you're considering to work with APS to manage your collection, we will gladly set up a demo installation for you. Free of charge, of course. We would give you an introduction to the software, and you'll then have all the time you need to find out what it's like to work with APS.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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