You decide how to present your collection. APS gives you all the freedom you need and supports you during the implementation. Many customers chose the internet and show their museum as a digital media center or virtual exhibition. Would you like to publish your collection as an app for smartphones and tablets? APS is ready for this as well. You may even prepare the data automatically for print publication.

For integrating APS into internet applications, we built in web interfaces. You can use virtually any kind of website for this purpose, but integrating with content management systems (CMS) is the way most people chose. Even e-commerce applications are an option here, for example if you would like to charge for downloads of your data. On the other hand, if you prefer to make your data exclusively available to certain institutions or people, you could opt for a closed intranet or a website with a protected member area.

Please take a look at our references. You will find different examples for websites, all of which have an APS database running in the background. We do basic design work in-house, but for more sophisticated design we collaborate with specialized web designers. In any case, we will gladly use our experience in usability and search engine optimization to benefit your project, if you so choose. APS gives you plenty of latitude to present your museum to the digital public at large or just to a selected group. Beyond that, APS enables you to connect your collection to other databases and systems. Read on to learn more about connecting with APS.