Once the data is in your APS collection database, you can use it to generate reports. A report can be anything that aggregates your data and outputs them in a certain way: a list, a statistic, a book, etc. Virtually any kind of report is possible, you only have to configure it once.

Most reports will probably be produced on-demand, but it is also possible to have them scheduled to be produced at a specified time using our powerful Job Engine. For example, you could get a weekly report about those objects in your collection that have been given to other museums as a loan. Even a website can show the results of a report, for example in the form of a virtual exhibition. This means that you can have any design or layout you want on your 3rd party or APS website and then use it to publish data from your APS database.

Each user has a personal inbox in APS in which the program delivers those reports and document exports the user requested. Users are unable to view or manipulate other users’ inboxes.