Document, connect and publish scientifically

APS stands for Art Publishing System and enables you to document, connect and publish the objects of your museum or collection. Our goal is to provide you with a collection management software that combines all the data of your collection in one database. And while doing so harmonizes user experience with the highest scientific requirements. That’s why we developed APS. A database software that basically consists of three parts: APS Desktop, APS Server and (usually) a web application.

  • APS Desktop is a user interface that you and your scientific staff will work with. It lets you enter, connect and of course search your data in a variety of ways.
  • APS Server is where the database is located and will return documents stored in APS upon request. It is possible to have the server hosted by us. This is especially useful when you don’t have the time or ressources to deal with IT infrastructure. Learn more about our hosting.
  • Web applications are optional. APS lets you decide how to publish your collection. Basic design work is something that we can help you with directly, but for more sophisticated stuff we will work with specialized web designers. Please take a look at our references.

The result is a versatile software for museums and digital archives, which fulfils all scientific requirements effortlessly. It allows you to present your collection exactly the way you want to.

Learn more about documenting your collection with APS.