APS Reference Projects

Starting with the earliest version, APS was able to convince very reputable institutions of its qualities. And the number of APS projects keeps growing. In each case, we are interested in long-term cooperations with our customers.

The projects shown here are examples of how APS applications may look like on the internet.

Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

Image index for art and architecture

„Bildarchiv Foto Marburg“ is the center of documentation of history of art in Germany. The archive consists of roughly 3 million images, lying in an APS database.

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Deutsche Fotothek

Deutsche Fotothek offers more than 1,700.000 images from 81 institutions digitally over the internet. Highlights are large scale maps, which remain clearly readable despite the zoom-in.

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Kulturelles Erbe Köln

Kulturelles Erbe Köln (cultural heritage Cologne) is an association of several archives from Cologne on a shared platform. Their inventory consists of around 300,000 pictures, basically showing objects from museums in Cologne.

To the website of Kulturelles Erbe Köln

Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung

GDK Research is a project attempting to provide researchers with image data about the "Great German art exhibition". Highlight of the website is the option to navigate the museum room by room.

To the website of GDK Research