Do you know our header image? It shows a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry. We chose this picture, because we think it fits well with APS.

The tapestry has not been created by just one artist, but instead is the result of a cooperation of many.

The Bayeux Tapestry is a work of art, no doubt about it. But the tapestry is even more: it is a historical source of information, from an era with very little written documentation. This makes it both useful and valueable.

And like many pieces of art and historic artifacts, the Bayeux Tapestry had to be saved from destruction several times in its history. But the threat to our cultural and historical heritage didn’t end in medieval times, it continues to this day.

In many cases, this is the reason for digitalizing entire collections. That way, they can be presented to the public without exposing the originals to any danger – even if it’s “only” tear and wear. With APS, we offer a reliable and affordable solution, to manage, present and connect your digitalized selection. To find out how APS can serve your collection in particular, please contact us.

You will find more about the Bayeux Tapestry on Wikipedia.