COVID-19 Response - Mobile working support and free PLA 3.0 basic trainings

As part of our COVID-19 response, we are offering:

  • Free of charge temporary license upgrades for PLA 3.0 or 2.1 for home-office purposes
  • Free of charge PLA 3.0 basic trainings (webinar)
Temporary upgrade of your PLA Seat License to allow home office access to PLA

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, we are all encouraged to pull together. That's why we are practicing social distancing and trying to work from home (home office). However, this is not always possible and the reasons for that can be versatile.

If you hold a PLA Seat License, remote connections to PLA are not available - which now prevents using your PLA license from home. As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a time-limited upgrade of your existing Seat License to enable remote access which was otherwise only possible if you had a Concurrent Use License (expires May 31, 2020).

If you need to temporarily switch your PLA Seat License (stand-alone license) to enable remote access for home-office reasons, please write to indicating your contact details, the serial number of your PLA Seat License (visible on the login screen) and your used PLA version (PLA 3.0 or PLA 2.1). We will then provide you with the corresponding instructions.


Free PLA 3.0 basic trainings

We are facing a growing demand for PLA 3.0 trainings. That's why we are increasing our training capacities and decided to introduce a new PLA 3.0 basic training (1 hour webinar). PLA 3.0 is a powerful and sophisticated platform for biological assay analysis. The intention of this training is a brief and comprehensive introduction into the platform.

  • Target audience
    • First time users of PLA 3.0
    • Users with no or limited experience in the use of PLA 3.0 for the analysis of biological assays
  •  Topics
    • PLA 3.0 basic concepts
    • Working with documents
    • Introduction into biological assay analysis with PLA 3.0
  • Dates
    • April 2020 (exact dates will be available next week)
  • Duration
    • 1 hour (45 min. presentation, 15 min. for any questions after the presentation)
  • Costs
    • Free of charge